23 July 2014

Bless You

You may have had a moment or two like this: you spend an age working on a project only to get bored with it.  This is the case with the architect in this animated short by Philip Watts.  He decides to spice things up a little with his creation by introducing something that will set the (not quite proverbial) cat amongst the pigeons.

Philip Watts is a film and television editor, but since the early 90's he has been producing animated motion graphics for the television industry. He has also worked as a freelance cartoonist on a few occasions, and recently he started combining these two interests and making my own animated short films, hence Bless You which is a very cunning mix of traditional animation, tilt shift photography and something pretty much like Flash (that’s a guess by the way).  Who cares how it was made, ultimately – it’s great fun and executed with great panache.