1 February 2017

What to Do in a Zombie Apocalypse

If you sighed – even ever so slightly – when you saw the title of this post, I know, I know.  A million and one websites have featured articles on what to do and where to go if and when the zombie apocalypse happens.

However, there is a distinct lack of public information films on the subject and here at Kuriositas we’re more than happy to help sort out that particular situation.  This survival guide to surviving Z-Day has all you need to know – and more – about your options come the day…

I am guessing that animator and director Michael Douglas is from the UK because he does a great job at informing this piece with some peculiarly British detail and humor.  Using the format of a public information film is pretty much a British comedy staple and here it is delivered with great panache.  Plus you just know that Mr Douglas had his heart (and his brain, too, unless our zombie friends got to it) in this project as it bleeds through the visuals.  Love the side swipes to a number of zombie movies, too!  Just bear with the intro music which goes on a little too long and you will be rewarded with everything you need to know in case of z-emergency - and a right old chuckle at the same time.