24 June 2017

Would You Clean These Windows?

It does have to be said, on occasion, that some things really should be left to the professionals. One such thing is cleaning windows: not necessarily the everyday ground floor type, of course. Rather those that are at a dizzying height. Yet even so, some people will still insist on cleaning windows themselves. This elderly lady, for example, just couldn’t leave her windows alone.

You might not think she is in that much danger, until you see the big picture…

She's one gutsy (if perhaps foolhardy) old lady. Here is a selection of other windows which really should be left to the professionals. Most countries have strict health and safety rules that ensure the safety of the cleaners, but as you will see, some are more lax than others. If you are acrophobic your knuckles may be white in a few minutes. Even if not, ask yourself this question – would you clean these windows?

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