28 January 2024

Villagers - That Golden Time - Watch the Stunning Official Video

This really is stunning. The latest single from Villagers, titled 'That Golden Time,' is a poignant and beautiful musical piece that explores the idea of living within a digital bubble, where the constant pursuit of unattainable desires is perpetuated. Lead singer Conor O’Brien provided a detailed brief for the project, including a visual treatment that conveys the essence of the video and explores the concept of "algorithm blues," a line from the track. 

Director Rok Predin of Trunk conceived the idea that, despite our expectations, technology holds a mesmerizing influence over us, akin to a moth being drawn to a flame. Humans, it seems, possess an inherent attraction to technology, from which we find it difficult to disengage, irrespective of the associated consequences, both positive and negative. 

In addition to these themes, the team drew inspiration from a captivating piece of slow-motion footage featuring a Dark Marathyssa moth, filmed by Dr Adrian Smith of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The footage, shot at 6000fps, beautifully captured the delicate nature, strength, and agility of the insect. However, what truly captivated the team were the golden shimmering scales and flecks that adorned the Dark Marathyssa's body and wings. This presented an irresistible opportunity for Director Rok Predin and producer Richard Barnett, who strongly believed that a simple yet meticulously crafted story about a moth could visually complement and poignantly reflect the lyrics of the song.