30 August 2023

What Mobile Games Do Different Generations Prefer? Choices Are Different

Technology is popular across every age bracket. This reflects the notion that every generation that emerges has a unique perspective on the global community. From time to time, generations have modified, leading to a more enhanced approach towards the gaming industry.

Gamers progressively span all age groups and socioeconomic classes. Users of all ages like playing mobile games. Starting from traditional board games to current-day VR-gear-enabled games, the gaming market has transformed rapidly. Of course, not all of these people are using identical systems or playing the exact same games.

They differ with generation and technology gap, with each sticking to a particular category. This is relevant to their progressing surroundings and technological expansion. In this article below, we discuss the 4 major generations and their outlook and preference regarding mobile games and their evolution with time.

Millennials: Casino Games

In their early years, they learned to adjust to the changed digital scope after the rise of the internet. 21% of the entire gaming population consists of Millennials. Playing mobile games on a regular basis is common among millennials, especially after the rise of the popularity of Bitcoin casino mobile game offers, which we will talk about more later. This demographic is born between the years 1981-1996. They are also keen on mobile ads presented in return for virtual products.

Also, millennials prefer to play competitive games that are reward-based. Not only that, but they opt for role-playing games as well, such as God of War. Millennials lean toward games with intricate gamification systems. They are interested in both original and rigorous gameplay concepts. As mentioned, online casino games are popular and in demand among this group of people.

    A wide variety of internet-based casino games such as poker, slots, and roulette are highly sought after. These are run on the basis of cryptocurrency or online bank payments.

  Owing to their accessible way to gamble, Millennials choose mobile-friendly online casinos. They can be played from anywhere around the globe with the help of internet access.

     Such casinos offer bonuses, promotions, and big rewards for winning, making them increasingly attractive.

   Furthermore, online casinos are also run through e-wallets. So money management is easy, whichalso makes Millennials gravitate toward slot and poker games.

Gen Z: Action / Strategy Games

The generation is born between the years 1997-2012 and is the youngest of the lot. The interconnectedness of Gen Z is its defining feature. Being exposed to modern technologies from birth explains this. From the time they were conscious, they were firmly rooted in the digital realm.

They dominate the internet, from instant chats to social media. Their phones provide endless knowledge and worldwide trends, even about the gaming industry. They contribute 27% of the total mobile gamers, which is the highest among all others.

This is the portion of the population, that saw virtual reality take over the digital world. PlayStations and Xbox games are all the rage during their time. They are most likely to make in-app purchases. Likewise, they understand the monetization potential of games.

   They prefer playing Strategy games such as Battle Royale, Fortnite, Roblox, Match 3, Candy Crush, Sandbox, etc.

     They opt for social, creative, and competitive games that unite all aspects.

   This category of gamers likes playing games that are action-based. They opt for games that createa sense of social interaction. 

Gen X/Alpha: Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)

Despite stereotypes, members of Generation X have emerged as a powerful demographic in the world of mobile gaming. They were among the first generations to get introduced to cell phones. After that, they have seen a dramatic increase in their interest in playing mobile games.

Born between the years 1965 and 1980, this generation belongs to the time when gaming consoles were a thing. They actively like playing mobile games that are sport-oriented and that pose challenges. They prefer level-based games with chances of progression and represent 18% of the total gaming population.

     Furthermore, they prefer playing games such as FIFA Soccer, Call of Duty Mobile, and various others.

     They opt for games that are played in shorter intervals rather than tournaments.

     Time limitations are a contributing element to Gen X's preference for mobile gaming.

   They gravitate towards MMOs for a variety of reasons. These include a need for stress relief. This is also because of their growing desire for nostalgic activities.

Baby Boomers: Casual / Classic Games

In general, statistics show that Baby Boomers spend considerable hours each week engaged in mobile gaming, which is the second highest after. They contribute 23% of the entire gaming population and are usually born between 1946 and 1964.

Baby Boomers saw the emergence of the Internet. They became intrigued by the possibilities it presented. Most people born during the Baby Boomer generation fall under the generic time-filling mobile game participation category. In their free time, they engage in more relaxed games.

   Puzzle games, card games, Solitaire, Words with Friends, Subway Surfers, and other casual games are right up their alley of preferred mobile games.

     For this generation, playing video games is primarily a means of relieving stress.

To Sum Up

With time and digital transformation, the gaming sector has also evolved. From baby boomers being the first generation to access mobile games, Gen X followed suit with more sport-focused games. The Millennials then took charge with a competitive and gaming systems approach.

They widely participate and earn from online casinos. Gen Z is the newest of them, all prefer social games and invest in the games for monetary gains. We hope this article was of maximum help to you.

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