27 November 2019

Tubi’s Titles: Not on Netflix

Are you suffering from subscription fatigue? If so (or even if you are wrinkling your brow wondering what that is) then you might want to take a look at the videos below. Tubi is the world’s largest free streaming service and have a huge amount of titles that are “Not on Netflix”.

Each of the videos stars a famous face, admitting in the middle of a therapy session that they have met ‘someone’ new, someone who will help them cure their streaming issues. Marvellously tongue in cheek, you may find one or two of your favorites here.

If you are a fan of Shakespeare (Hamlet particularly) then you might guess what is coming at the end of this short video starring Chris Noth. The pun comes after an earnest therapy session with Noth feeling guilty and anxious about… well, why not watch the video and find out!

Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand, is ‘drowning in drama’. She is out to get what she wants without compromising... Free the stream, baby, free the stream!

Carmen Elektra has started something new that’s ‘different’.

Colton Underwood takes a break from jumping over large objects to let his therapist know how his life has changed since he started ‘chilling without Netflix.”

Although these humorous ads gently mock contemporary streaming culture they certainly make a point – that there are more ways to combat subscription fatigue than meet the eye.