13 February 2021

Frost Flowers: Beautiful but Rare Wonders of Nature

Frost Flowers
Back in 2012 we published a feature about frost flowers - you can read the original here (which includes all the science!).  Created in the autumn or early winter, the frost flower is a morning phenomenon.  Ice is pushed through in extremely thin layers through the stems of plants, creating and astounding whirl of beautiful patterns.  We thought we would take a look and see whether any new frost flowers had been caught on camera since then.  We weren’t disappointed.  So here is a collection for you, embedded from the photographers' pages on Flickr.
Ice Flowers

Frost Flowers
Frost flower
Frost flower
Frost flower
Frost Flower
Frost Flowers-Dec. 2016
ice flower 11
Frost flower, rabbit frost
Frost Flower #3
Frost Flower F-4
Frost Flowers
Frost scarf, frost flower
ice flowers 3