19 July 2022

Phone Booth of the Dead

If you found yourself alone as the zombie apocalypse started you might well mistake the walking dead for a bunch of drug addicts out to mug you and so try and phone the police from the nearest phone booth.  Being as apocalypse-savvy as we are, that probably wouldn’t happen but Patrick hasn’t got The Complete Walking Dead box-set so that’s exactly what he does.

Written and directed by Vincent Templement, Cabine of the Dead (apologies but the title of this post says phone booth for translation purposes!) this is a knowing comedy-horror short which keeps its tongue firmly in its cheek (but possibly not for long knowing the nature of our zombie chums).  It stars the rather dashing Richard Keep as Patrick whose character is a lesson to us all: make a note of who you are going to call when the apocalypse inevitably happens – it could just save your life!