22 August 2021

Kismet Diner

If there is one thing in life of which we should all be certain is that we don’t get much of a choice about who we end up loving.  It happens and it may make us scratch our heads but why question something which is obviously out of our hands.

Written and Directed by Mark Nunneley, Kismet Diner follows Laura (beautifully played by Ilinca Roe), waitress and aspiring singer who often takes a turn at the mic at work (now there’s an understanding boss). 

The problem is that the object of her affection, who she doesn’t know from Adam, the guy she has fallen for, simply doesn’t listen to her.  How she gets around this is the story of this rather charming short film which won the Manhattan Short Festival in 2013.  A word of warning – you may need a hanky!