6 April 2014

Nosa - Just Another Guy

It’s great to see your old students doing well, even if what they are now doing is not exactly what you taught them. So it is with Nosa Igunbor, who I taught a few years ago but who is now beginning to make a name for himself in music. This is the video for his latest track, Just Another Guy, which he made with friends and collaborators Kai Smith and Shirley Atouba. I recently asked Nosa what was the story behind the song, and he sent me this explanation – rather than paraphrase it I thought I would reproduce it in its entirety.

For the longest time, Nosa was in love with one girl and turned down the opportunity to get into relationships with other girls. She was the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on and to him, she was THE ONE. If she didn’t feel the same way about him , she could could have shot him down but she led him on and while Nosa was feeling love, she was just playing a game. She was a pretty girl whose smile could easily be mistaken for love and whose playfulness could easily be mistaken for flirting…it must be difficult to process all these boys throwing feelings at her so to make emotions easier to deal with, she turned it into a game.

When Nosa finally realised this, he drafted a text message addressed to her but before sending, he hesitated…he plugged his microphone and sang the text message on an un-mixed track and shot a video for it while hanging out with his mates. The intent of the song is not to diss her, it’s just to say that he understands …and that he is “just another guy” captured by her beautiful smile.

Thanks for that, Nosa – and keep making the great music and videos!