6 January 2019

Cross Stitch Just Got Cool

Cross stitch is one of the oldest forms of embroidery in the world. So, it’s little surprise that its reputation is of something rather fusty that your grandmother might enjoy.  However, cross stitch has a new fan base and, led by types of Ambra. A 30 year old Italian crafter, stitcher, pattern-designer and nerd she has helped rehabilitate the ancient art and it is now - officially - cool again.  If that seems a little tongue in cheek then perhaps it is – one look at Ambra’s amazing designs, however, and you know that there is much truth in what we say.  She has created hundreds of patterns all of which can be seen and downloaded on her website, cloudsfactory.net.

Ambra is a qualified restorer and has worked in many museums.  Yet just as she opened her own restoration lab, the recession hit and the money for renovating old objects ran dry.  Not to be deterred, Ambra has turned her attention to two of her other loves, design and embroidery.  Marrying her interests in TV, movies and cartoons with her skill as a cross stitch pattern maker, she has created these very very cool designs.

She has Cloudsfactorized some of my favorite characters from a host of shows and films.  If there was a word for loving parody then this would amply describe her work.  Amber has very kindly given us permission to show you some of her cross stitch designs so I have chosen my favorites from Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and, of course Star Trek among others.  Clink on the images to take you to cloudsfactory.net and see if your best movie or show is included (if you’re on Kuriositas, I suspect it will be!).