Greenland 2013

24 August 2013

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I don’t think we have ever visited Greenland on Kuriositas so it is about time that was put right. This video is full of simply stunning vistas, many of which look like they have been created using computer graphics for a science fiction movie. The video follows Willem Vandoorne who is a much hardier soul than most from the evidence he presents here!

These are his impressions from a 25-day hiking and packrafting expedition through the wilderness of extreme Southern Greenland in July 2013. He started in Narsarsuaq, crossed over all the way to Tasermiut fjord, and continued with an 8-day loop east of Tasiusaq before finally paddling towards Nanortalik. I raise my cup of coffee in salute to you, sir – as even on my bucket lists of bucket lists I would be too terrified to attempt something like this!  If you would like to read more about Mr Vandoorne and his travels, then pay a visit to his blog, Transscandinavia, where he goes in to them in much more detail.

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