29 September 2021

How Long Does It Take to Create a New Video Game App?

With mobile devices in use, video games have seen a surge in usage in the present age. Several improvements are fast coming into the industry, and the pace at which video gaming is going isn't one to stop soon.  This is because video games are an equal part of entertainment and stress release for game lovers. Even those who are inconsistent in playing games can become avid video game spectators, watching live matches and live programs as experts play them. In addition, through video game playing, many have fought loneliness, depression, anxiety, and much more mental health issues.

Another amazing aspect of video games that goes beyond entertainment is playing video games and making some income for yourself. This is achievable by playing in casinos. There are tons of games in casinos, such as:



     video poker,


      table games,

     and slots.

The popular Cabin Crashers slot is one of the number of slot games that can be played as video games in online casinos and make good winnings in cash.

As a result of mobile devices in use and the number of people who now play video games, more people, individuals, and teams are considering creating their very own video game apps that game lovers can easily play. With this, gamers will have fun and make good money by wagering. In creating video game apps, there are lots of things to be considered and put to work. And one of those things that a game creator and developer should think of is the time required to get all the work done.

Developing of Video Game App

In creating a video game app, developers must do the accurate workings before embarking on it. According to the Thunderstruck Wild Lightning demo, different stages will see the success of the video game app's creation. Each of the stages is important to work on.

Making an accurate plan

Adequate planning or lack of a plan has an impact that will be played in the path of developing a video gaming app. Before you embark on creating a video game app, it is crucial to set out the type of video gaming app you intend to make

     a 2D or 3D video gaming app,

     a racer gaming app,

     a Puzzle video gaming app, and the likes.

This should be thought of before creating. Other aspects of the game creation to plan on are the characters, storyline, playing the video game on the app, and the type of gameplay. The devices that can use the video game apps should be pre-planned if it is on Android, iOS, or windows.

Choose the right software

There are simplified ways to create a video game app if you are not a guru in writing app codes. You can make use of the advanced development tools/software that helps you out with the coding. There are a multitude of tools that can do this ranging from the free-to-use ones to the paid ones. Some of the tools you can use do not require coding knowledge. Some powerful tools can make your video game app compatible with Android, iOS, and windows.

Learn programming language

Knowing a programming language is essential in developing a video game app. It doesn't matter if you're using software to help with coding or not, being able to write programming code goes a long way with app creation. Knowing a C#, C+, and other programming languages will be advantageous as a video game app creator. In addition, there are several other points to learn with programming that will inevitably help you when creating your video game.

Start the Project

Once you have done your planning, gotten the knowledge of the useful programming language, and chosen the software to assist in the coding of the game app, the next thing is to start the app creation. Starting the project might be a bit intimidating to scale through, keep the process simple. Start with the basic mechanics of the video game app, design the first level and implement the graphics. With this simplicity, you will be able to get a result. In creating the game app, keep testing to know what to do or make changes on.

Graphics implementation

Graphics are an essential part of video game creation. The graphics of the game app gives a better gaming experience. There are two choices to implement the graphics, going for 2D graphics or 3D graphics. You can create the graphics yourself by using tools for creating graphics, and you can also outsource a proficient graphics designer to handle it for you in line with what you want.

Promote your video game app

Creating a video game app is not the end of the journey. Game lovers need to play the game to succeed with the video game app. The game app should not pixelate to compete with other video game apps that players are playing. Let the storyline be interesting, and the background tracks that will accompany it should be intriguing. The controls should also be intuitive and smooth.

Launch the game

After you have tested the video game app and all is working as you have planned, the next thing is to release your video game app. Don't make the mistake of wanting the app to be ultimately perfect before you launch it. The audience you get for your app will let you know where to improve, and you can later update it after working on it.

Having known the steps for creating a video game app, let's look at the duration it will take to complete it and launch it for gamers to use the app on their devices in playing video games.

New Video Game Creating Time

The first thing that will strike your mind whenever you think of creating a video game app is the time involved. It is important to know this as it will help you determine the timeline meant for the app creation and set up plans to launch the app. The time for creating a new video game app cannot be entirely predicted; it varies based on the scope of the video game app to create and the process you intend to make use of.

Creating a simple video game app will take less time than creating a complex app with outstanding features. The graphics used also have their take on how long a developer will take to finish up to launch. A 2D graphics video game app development will require less time than a 3D graphics video game app. The length of video game app development also has to do with

     the genre of the video game app


     Development platform

     And the number of assets.

Excluding that, you also have to consider the developer's speed, the features they plan to incorporate, and much more.

App Creation Timeframes

On average, depending on the type of game being created with its features, the video game app can take between 2 weeks to ten weeks. However, developing a Triple-A (AAA) video game app, whether you are creating it with a brand new IP from scratch or adding tech to it, the time to get this done is always between 3 to 5 years.

In video game app creation, there are stages of this process, and each of these stages has its own time, which is required. Generally, the stages for the video game app creation are five.

There is the research and idea forming/creating stage. This stage for a non-AAA video game takes between 2 to 3 weeks. After you might have come up with an idea and a good developer to handle the video game app, brief needs to be generated about the video game app. It will allow you (if you are developing it yourself) or your developer to have a clear understanding and picture the type of people to use the video game app, make decisions on the requirements for the app, and so on. Things to include in the brief in this stage should cut across the kind of video gaming app, the user base, and how it should be developed.

The entire app planning stage takes nothing less than a month, while the actual development stage is around 12 to 14 weeks. The development stage is the crucial stage that requires more time. This stage will require flawless coding of the video game app. In the app creation stage, the front-end and back-end development contribute to the excess time of this stage. For both front-end and back-end, different developers handle this. And the front-end development takes between six weeks to eight weeks.

The time needed for testing the video game app after development takes between three to four weeks. This testing stage is imperative because it's the stage to find bugs or any glitches that may affect the video game app. Enough time is given to this stage so that the app functionality will not be jeopardized. The testing will make the app filtered and fully functional and verify the app's compatibility.

The app deployment is the final stage which takes roughly a week. This also adds up to the time involved in the creation of the new video game app. After the test has been completed and certified to be free of bugs or glitches, the next is putting the app on the market. And this requires procedures to follow for deploying the app on Apple Store, play store, or windows. Each of the platforms has its policy to adhere to for the app to be available there.

Is Video Game App Creation Difficult?

Talking about the difficulty of video game apps, we can't say that creating the app is a complicated process that consumes both time, energy, and money. More will depend on an individual's knowledge and how well they can write a programming language. Some see video game app development to be easy. Those who don't have coding abilities may be faced with some challenges. The difficulties may be in the cost of development, lack of experience in video game app creation, and getting the right team of developers.


As video game playing keeps getting prominence, app developers are also working tirelessly to get different and latest video game apps out for players to get entertained. And since mobile devices become available at their fingertips, having a video game app makes gaming convenient for players. With it, players can play at their comfort anywhere. As a developer considering developing a video game app, the right knowledge should be used, and in addition, the timeframe should be worked with for accurate delivery. The time duration for each stage is not absolute; it may be less or more.