24 September 2016

5 Sports Stars Who Make a Difference

Sports stars command a fair amount of influence in the modern world, so it should hardly come as a surprise that a lot of them are using it to make a real difference. Sometimes, they do so by pouring their time, their effort, and their earnings into charitable organisations supporting causes nearest and dearest to them. Other times, they have been known to set up charitable initiatives of their own, which often bear their names. However, they choose to use their influence, said individuals should be lauded for striving to make the world a better place.

Here are 5 sports stars who are making a real difference to the lives of people across the globe:

LeBron James
LeBron James came from humble beginnings but nonetheless managed to set his feet on the path of success, which is why the champion basketball player has been so interested in helping others in similar situations to manage the same. For example, he is known to have donated an amazing $42 million to his hometown of Akron, Ohio in order to send a 1,000 underprivileged children to college, which is something that has catapulted him to the list of the most charitable sports stars ever.

Maria Ho
Maria Ho is a member of the Queen of Hearts, a group of female poker players who have been making a powerful reputation for themselves through poker as well as their support for charitable causes. In her case, she has been known to support the WPT Foundation, which is a non-profit set up by the World Poker Tour for the purpose of encouraging beneficial change on a global scale by supporting deserving charities found in countries all around the world.

Lionel Messi
Football is a popular sport, so much so that it has seen people placing hundreds of thousands of dollars on single bets. As a result, it is no coincidence that football players have so much influence, as shown by their salaries as well as their endorsements. Lionel Messi is a great example of a football player who has chosen to use that influence for the benefits of others, whether by donating half a million dollars to UNICEF or by donating the winnings from a libel case to other charities. In particular, it is interesting to note that Messi is particularly committed to helping charities that help children, which could be because of his strong attachment to his own family.

Cristiano Ronaldo
However, it is important to note that Messi is not the most charitable football player. Instead, that particular honor belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, who is known to have donated millions and millions to charitable causes over the course of his career so far. In fact, what makes Ronaldo particularly impressive besides his remarkable feats on the football field is the fact that he was acknowledged as the single most charitable sports star of any sport, beating out a number of other great names including some of those included on this very list.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams is best known for her amazing number of championship titles on the tennis court, which is something that she shares with her sister. However, she is also well-known for her support for a wide range of charitable causes, including but not limited to fighting cancer, helping children, and encouraging education in developing countries. Something that has seen her earn a number of award and other acknowledgements of her continuing efforts from numerous prestigious non-profit organizations.

Of course, there are also other amazing men and women who have done great things for both sports and charitable causes, with examples ranging from John Cena to Dan Carter. The said individuals encompass every sport at every level of achievement, thus showing that sports stars can indeed change the world for the better.