19 March 2019

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at 17°80°

This is a really unusual way to celebrate a birthday!  Way back in 1780 Jameson Irish Whiskey was established and the rest, as they say, is history.  However, this year the celebrations took an unusual twist.  A group of people were taken to the co-ordinates as the year that the brand was first established.

Is 17°80° in the middle of a beautiful tropical island?  Is it at the heart of a cosmopolitan city with nightlife and culture oozing from every corner? No, it’s at Svalbard in Norway – just 1000km from the North Pole!

This didn’t stop the group from having a huge amount of fun, as you can see in the video above.  The point?  That in order to have a great craic on Paddy’s Day you don’t necessarily have to be in one of the Irish diaspora’s hotspots.  All you truly need is great company and a nip of a wonderful whiskey to mark the date.

Jameson scoured the globe to find four groups of friends who have one thing in common – they all celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  When the search was over and the right people located, they were then packed off on an expedition to the most northerly inhabited area on the globe, Svalbard, Norway

After a number of adventures, they arrived at 17° (longitude) 80° (latitude), and the friends from Ireland, India and Argentina then raised a toast to Saint Patrick – and no doubt to Jameson too.

If you would like to see more details of this St Patrick’s expedition, please visit the Jameson Whiskey Instagram page.

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17 March 2019

The Prandtl–Glauert Singularity – Amazing Jet Plane Shock Collar

It’s an amazing site – a cone of vapor appearing around an aircraft which is travelling at transonic speed.  Known as the Prandtl–Glauert Singularity this astonishing effect simultaneously widens the eyes and drops the jaw. Yet how does it occur?

10 March 2019

Sansiantai: Dragon Bridge to the Island of the Three Immortals

The eastern coastline of Taiwan is renowned for its natural beauty.  Unspoiled beaches stretch for miles and at one point, Sansiantai, there is a wonderful surprise.    A beautiful arched bridge, meant to resemble a dragon of Chinese legend, stretches from the mainland across to a group of small islands.

Sansiantai is, as you might imagine, saturated in folklore. The three enormous rocks making up the island's most conspicuous feature long ago gave rise to a native myth that three of China's Eight Immortals once chose the island for a place to rest.  Even the name of the island translates to the Terrace of the Three Immortals.

4 March 2019

Awesome Things to do in Chiclana And Cadiz

Andalucía in southern Spain is blessed with miles of coastline and hilly countryside. Two of the best regions are Chiclana and Cadiz. They have coastal regions featuring golden beaches and places to see and things to do. Let’s take a look at the best places to go and why you should visit this region of Spain.

La Barrosa

Just outside of Chiclana is the beautiful and enigmatic beach town of La Barrosa. It has a laid-back vibe and is hugely popular. The beach stretches for 5 miles and the sand is fine and white. The Azure waters are perfect to partake in water sports of every type.

The beach feels like two beaches in one. The first boats beachfront bars, restaurants, and walkways. This morphs into a more natural environment and you will soon find yourself walking among dunes and woodland.

One of the great things is that there is plenty of choice for accommodation, such as Iberostar Andalucía Playa hotel in Chiclana which offers travellers everything they could wish for.

Playa La Caleta

This beach has plenty of significance to Cadiz. It has a natural harbour that was used by several empires throughout the centuries including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.  Locals like to gather on the west side and socialise and every large rock has a name. The names date back centuries and are that of an animal or everyday object. Nobody quite knows why.

Again, water sports can be found on the north side of the oceanfront, but here the beach is for meeting friends and soaking up the sun.

There are plenty of great accommodation choices from budget to other hotels in Cadiz aimed at the high-end market.

Ermita de Santa Ana

This 18th-century chapel is of a beautiful design and overlooks the whole city of Chiclana. This is thanks to its construction on top of the highest point. Architecturally, it is stunning and features a semi-spherical vault on a small drum. The architects constructed four holes in the vault to better illuminate the hermitage.

Inside the chapel, a small altar can be found bearing the image of Santa Ana.

San Sebastián Castle

If you follow the Paseo Fernando Quiñones that runs along the edge of the northwestern edge of the city you will come to the fortress of San Sebastian Castle. The views back towards the city are stunning and you can dangle your legs over the Atlantic Ocean when you fill the need.

The fortress was constructed in 1706 but the lighthouse is far older and was built by the Moors.

The castle is often used for exhibitions, film sets, and concerts. Prior to this, it was used as a prison. Well worth a visit.

La Torre del Reloj – Chiclana

One of the most prestigious buildings in Chiclana is the La Torre del Reloj a clock tower.  It was constructed in the 18th century and was once part of the old Town Hall. Later, it was used by the Church of San Juan Bautista as the bell towers were never completed.

When visiting the tower sometimes known as Arquillo del Reloj, you can see the clock mechanism thanks to a cut arch in the tower itself. The tower is situated next to the Church of San Juan Bautista and gives both historical and cultural insights.

Gran Teatro Falla

The Gran Teatro Falla is a 19th-century concert hall constructed in the neo-mudéjar style, harking back to medieval times and is a highly popular destination in Cadiz among visitors and locals.

From the moment you enter the large Moorish inspired alternating voussoirs (red and white archway stones), you get the feeling something exciting is about to happen and often there is. If you want to get to know the Cadiz mindset visit in February and March and experience the Comparsas competition.

Here, musical ensembles dress in matching outrageous outfits and sing satirical songs about politics and culture.

Other times of the year are just as exciting and feature musicians, bands, and artists performing different musical styles.

Islote de Sancti Petri

The Islote de Sancti Petri is an island reachable from El Pueblo de Sancti Petri. After your 15 minute journey, you will find yourself on a barren island that was once controlled by the military.

These days, the island is controlled by the Spanish Environment Ministry. One structure you can’t fail to notice is the Castle of Sancti Petri. Now mostly ruins the tower has been rebuilt and is a fully working lighthouse.  You can learn about the history of the island and the castle which is rich and deep.

No visit to either Chiclana or Cadiz is complete without a visit to this island.

Andalucía is an amazing part of Spain with golden beaches and rich historical delights. It is a must visit destination that you will want to come back to time and again.

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3 March 2019

The Depression Era Photography of Dorothea Lange

A look at the work of Dorothea Lange who captured the Great Depression through her lens and created some of the iconographic images of that era.

At a time when women had had the vote for less than twenty years, Dorothea Lange was a pioneer. A professional woman who took photographs for a living. The Great Depression of the 1930s is best remembered, photographically, by the work of the FSA, for which she worked. She travelled the USA recording the deprivations caused by the failure of the economy as well as taking many uplifting images that showed that, despite the hard times, life and love went on.

It is probably best to start with an image of the photographer herself. Unlike some, Lange did not interpolate herself actively in her photographs – those that we have of her show her usually on her own in very much a framed composition. This shot from 1937 shows her in the field with one of her cameras, rather coquettishly positioned atop of her car. Short dark hair and a feminine yet somehow boyish dress sense, the beauty of this shot lies in the baseball boots she is wearing. Her job was not, after all, one that required heels on any sort so why bow to the fashion dictates of the time?

27 February 2019

Are Microsoft 70-462 Exam Dumps Really Helpful?

The Microsoft 70-462 exam is designed for those database specialists who perform maintenance, installation, and other configuration tasks. Other responsibilities for the candidates who wish to opt for this certification test involves setting up database systems, backing up and securing various data from unsolicited and unauthorized access. It measures the student’s ability to accomplish the technical tasks that are listed below. The exam topics have their percentages. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on each major topic area in the exam. The test is associated with the Microsoft 70-462 MCSA Tests credential.

Exam topics
  • Install and configure: under this skill set, you will learn how to install SQL server and related services, plan installation, configure additional SQL server components, implement a migration strategy, and also how to manage a SQL server agent. 
  • Maintain instances and databases:you must configure and manage databases, make an SQL server clustered instance, configure SQL server instances. In addition, you will also learn how to manage SQL server instances.
  • Optimize and troubleshoot: under this content, you must know how to implement the identification and resolution of concurrency problems, collect, and analyze troubleshooting data, and you will also learn and acquire the skills to audit SQL server instances.
  • Manage data:after preparation, you will be able to maintain and configure a backup strategy for your organization, implement and maintain indexes, restore databases, and you will also be able to export and import various types of data. 
  • Implement security: you will also be able to operate server roles and logins, manage database security, troubleshoot securityas well asmanage users and database role.
  • Implement high availability:it means that you will learn how to practically implement Always On and the replication problems, as well as apply an appropriate replication strategy.
The Microsoft website provides more information regarding the exam content, requirements, and preparation.

What are exam dumps?
Now, you know what to expect in the 70-462 exam and all its main topics.We are going to tell you about the most famous resources that are used to study. They are known as exam dumps. They are widely popular and are also used extensively. You must know that technically a dump is a collection of exam questions and answers that are mainly provided by recent test takers.

The case against exam dumps
According to many professionals, exam dumps for Microsoft 70-462 should be avoided since they are not useful. The reason behind this is that dumps have now turned into more of a business where you can easily find exact copies of the questions and answers for your certificationtest.

  • First of all, they are forbidden under the terms and conditions mentioned in any IT certification exam.
  • Secondly, braindumps have zero quality control meaning that they may be untrustworthy and can ruin your exam preparation. 
  • Thirdly, according to the professionals, they provide no real learning as you only know an answer to a question and are usually unable to apply the knowledge obtained in your practical life. 
  • In addition to this, there is always more to a certified IT exam than just some questions and answers. To some extent, a certification is about acquiring knowledge and developing skills and then using them in a real life.
  • The entire purpose of IT certification is to determine whether an exam candidate has mastered a certain type of knowledge and acquired a specific skill after that. This is not the case with preparation from dumps.
The case for exam dumps
Although braindumps are a foolproof and illegal method of getting a good score on your 70-462 exam, you can use them with other resources such as legit websites and related books becausethey can be a useful way to revise and gain some hands-on knowledge on how to attempt an exam and what to expect.They are compiled by recent test takers so they have fresh content.
  • They are readily available.
  • They can be referred to as a reference.
  • They are precise.
  • They can be read through quickly.
  • They are updated and provide you with standardization.
  • They provide a good understanding of the exam content. 
  • They are to the point and more helpful for those who do not have enough time to prepare for their exams.
  • You can verify what you study using other resources from braindumps.
Golden rules
  1. Do not fully rely on braindumps during your exampreparation.
  2. Remember that exam dumps also contain irrelevant test questions,and so you have to base more on other materials.
  3. Try to possess the right knowledge and skills to boost a career of your own.
  4. Use braindumps available online as the last preparation resort when you are fully prepared beforehand to use them to revise only.
  5. Go only for the most recommended dumpsso you can learn the best and most updated ones.
  6. Choose a verified platform for yourself.
  7. Make sure exam dumps you are using are used by many people.
  8. Try to find braindumps that has been compiled by a certified professional.
  9. Always counter check the answers provided with your knowledge.
Therefore, it is the most important information you should know about braindumps and risks and benefits they hold. Make a rational decision that has long term benefits for you and your career. Do not rely solely on the answers provided in exam dumps as each test is different, and your future practically is more important. We wish you good luck!
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24 February 2019

Art Forms of Nature – The Ernst Haeckel Collection

Ernst Haeckel – philosopher, professor, physician, naturalist, biologist and artist. The pinnacle of his work – Art Forms of Nature - began publication in 1899 and is still an astonishing record of life on earth. When art and science combine, something sublime can come to pass.

Science and art – a gap, some might say a yawning chasm, has always existed between the two. Then occasionally, just every now and then, someone comes along who attempts (and succeeds) in closing the gap between the two. So it was with the German Ernst Haeckel. In 1899 he began to publish Art Forms of Nature (Kunstformen der Natur in his native German). A contemporary of Darwin, Haeckel would, through his lithographic prints, change the way that many considered the relationship between art and science.
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