The Rise of Casinos in Macau

24 April 2019

Macau is today the main destination for gamblers from Asia, with a healthy flux of tourists from other continents as well. The Chinese city acts as a magnet for people who enjoy casino games and often play live roulette online, especially those who can’t legally play them in their country. Players from China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries from Southeast Asia flock to Macau for gambling entertainment. The city acts as a hotspot for highrollers and players can afford to bet huge amounts, but is also appealing to casuals and tourists.

What does Macau have to offer?
There are many similarities between Macau and Las Vegas, the biggest gambling hubs in the world. These two cities are famous for the gambling opportunities they present to players, but also for the exotic forms of entertainment. More than 20 million people come here every year and the number is on a steady growth, so new records are expected to be set in the foreseeable future. The hotel space has also increased greatly over the last couple of years, even though it trails Las Vegas by a factor of seven.

Macau is a city of luxury and glamour, so it comes as no surprise that both the hotels and the casinos appeal to those who can afford a luxurious lifestyle. The costs are significantly higher than Las Vegas, but the city tries to offer similar forms of entertainment. A vibrant nightlife, countless shopping malls and shops selling luxury items are scattered across Macau. The main attraction remains the gambling industry and there are more than 30 major casinos welcoming an international audience.

Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel on Cotai, the City of Dreams, the MGM Grand or the Wynn look and feel different but they are all charming in their way. Recreational players and those who don’t necessarily travel to Macau for gambling, will still get plenty of action here. Visitors should observe the dress code, which can vary from casual to formal, but otherwise they can expect a fun gambling experience.

Macau is the place to be for highrollers
Las Vegas might be well ahead of Macau in comes to hotel space, entertainment and even the number of casinos, but there is one area where the Asian gambling how reigns supreme. This is the ultimate destination for highrollers, especially those who fancy no limit games of roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Huge amounts are wagered at these tables and most casinos have at least a couple of Texas hold ‘em games running throughout the day.

The audience is diverse and tourists entering one of the glamorous casinos in Macau can expect to find everything from recreational players to grinders and big spenders. Highrollers have their own VIP tables and private rooms where they can play their favorite games away from the prying eyes of regular players. The bottom line is that Macau has something to offer to everyone who loves gambling, but can also cater for tourists who seek an entirely different form of entertainment.

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