Children who were Ruined by Fame

8 February 2019

Fame truly favors the brave. That is regardless of the fact that these brave may be children or adults. However, when the fame comes too soon, to some people, it can lead to total destruction as well as shutdown. 

That was the story for these child stars whose fame came a bit soon in their life and ultimately lead to their ruin.

Child Stars Ruined By Fame

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay started her career at the tender of 3. During this time, she was a fashion model. After a few years, she rose to the ranks and stared in Disney’s’ film Parent Trap.

It was the point that the dollars started rolling in just like someone who hit a jackpot at sports betting sites, read more at However, a few years after she hand landed her first major acting roles, she was hospitalized for dehydration.

In 2007, she lost two movie contracts and was arrested on a DUI charge. She even tried rehab a couple of times, but all to no avail.

Britney Spears
At sixteen Britney had landed her first record label. With vocals like hers, she quickly managed to rise to the top of the music industry. Her songs were so popular some of them ended up as theme songs to best online casino payouts slots.

However, she soon started to spiral out of control as he was admitted to rehab countless times. During that period she even shaved her head in a desperate plea to get attention.

She did, however, manage to recover in the long run. As we said earlier, her fame came a little bit soon.

Macaulay Culkin
Everyone knew the Home Alone star as he captured the hearts of many fans after the movie was released in 1990.

As a young child, his father managed his fortunes. News broke out that his father mismanaged his funds. This, in turn, led to a nasty court battle. As if this wasn’t enough, at adolescence Macaulay was arrested for being in possession of pot.

The 38-year-old is seen today playing for the band” Pizza Underground”. However, he is a good example of children acquiring fame a bit soon in their lives.

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