Do You Remember Alan Kurdi?

19 June 2018

In September 2015 the world was riveted by a photograph of a dead toddler, a Syrian refugee washed up on a Turkish shore, a tragic consequence of the war in his homeland and his family’s decision to seek refuge abroad.  The search for a safe life ended in tragedy for the Kurdi family and his image was and remains a wake-up call to the world.

The 18th - 24th June is Refugee week and lest we forget, the International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) have released four new films.  The one I have chosen to include on Kuriositas is an interview with little Alan’s aunt, Tima.  I think we have to remind ourselves, sometimes, of what happened to Alan and to many, many like him.  It’s very easy to turn a blind eye to something that is happening such a long way away.

I’m not going to pretend that this will not upset you.  It probably will resonate because we have all lost loved ones and talking about them can often provoke tears (representing many different sometimes conflicting emotions).  Yet Tima Kurdi is a lady who has chosen to talk about a member of her family who will never experience the joy of learning to read and write, will never experience the first day at high school, the first kiss, the first driving lesson  – the nevers are endless.  This is going to produce an emotional response in you and for that I cannot make any apologies.

As the beginning of the film implies – we can simply turn off the footage.  Yet this is happening to families all over the world on a daily basis and it will have a crushing, lifelong impact on them.  Tima believes that the millions of refugees the world over have been let down by countries, many of which have a direct responsibility for fuelling the war in Syria.

She has a point.  The IOHR hope that focusing on the situations that refugees find themselves in as well as paying tribute to those, like Alan, who have lost their lives, this interview will help us regain the sense of the personal when we reflect on the awful crisis facing these people.

If you would like to watch the other three videos in this series, then please visit the IOHR YouTube channel. You may find them revelatory.  Please also follow #BeARefugeeSponsor and #RefugeeWeek2018 if you would like to support.

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