The Lottery – From Novelty to Tradition to Media Frenzy

18 August 2017

In the very beginning, the lottery was something unheard of for modern society. Getting the chance to win enormous prizes for a minute contribution to the prize pool was a novelty of epic proportions. In addition, the social aspect of the lottery draws was something worthy of praise and attention.

The game drew people together and it created a great deal of excitement. Having tickets in the lottery meant being part of this new movement, so everybody who mattered had to have one. As for the lottery draws, these were regarded as glamorous events.

Back then, people were interested in the ceremonial part of the draw because the event in itself was of great social value. Nowadays, players just want to find out the results, but in the beginnings of the lottery, people were genuinely excited about the technology, the glamour, and the novelty of lottery draws.

The first ever lottery barrel was applauded by players far and wide, and they’ve been updating the technology ever since. Lottery draws went from being a high-class activity of the socialites to being a TV sensation.

The National Lottery draws became an instant success and people tuned in every single time to see Noel Edmonds make millionaires. He became the face of the lottery in the UK and he turned the lotto draw into a smashing hit.

The British have been in love with the lottery for many years now, and it is a love story that is still going strong today. The UK EuroMillions have had some staggering special events, such as the 100 Millionaires Raffle, where there were as many as 100 prizes worth £1,000,000 aside from the jackpot.

But the EuroMillions lottery is not the only game offering such enormous prizes. The American lotteries have taken jackpots to an entirely new level and they are now the undisputed leaders of the market.

It was a historic moment when lottery jackpots got past the $1,000,000 threshold, but the game has come a very long way since then. The Mega Millions had the whole world in awe of its $656,000,000 prize in 2012, which became the world record for jackpots.

But in 2016, its main contender in the US, the Powerball managed to break that record in the biggest way possible. On January 13th, 2016, everybody was a lottery fan because the Powerball had a jackpot worth a whopping $1,580,000,000.

This legendary jackpot changed everything in the lottery business because it raised the bar for the prizes in the game. As lotteries work to outshine their competitors, the prizes get bigger and bigger and they have snowballed to never-before-seen proportions.

As jackpots got bigger, the demand for playing the lottery also became much higher, which eventually made the special barriers of the game disappear into thin air. When people started playing the lottery online, it opened them to a brand-new world of possibility. People are no longer tied to playing the games in their own countries because the biggest games in the world are now available on computers, tablets, and phones.

As you can see, the lottery has succeeded to stay relevant all of these years. From novelty, it quickly became a tradition because people loved the thrill of the game. Then, it was reinvented as a TV sensation, which kept it close to people’s hearts throughout the years.

And now, it has gotten to the point where the prizes are simply larger than life, which makes the game impossible to ignore. It remains to be seen what the chameleonic lottery will come to be in the following years, but considering the crazy ride it’s been so far, we expect nothing less than fireworks!

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