100 UK Schools Lose £1M Each

31 May 2017

NUT Campaigns

Over 100 schools will lose £1 million or more in funding. Every parent and teacher should see these numbers. Watch and share now. Find your school at schoolcuts.org.uk

It’s depressing that it’s 2017 and I am still writing post titles like this… but unfortunately the government of the UK believes it can successfully deliver an education to more and more students for less and less money. However, there is a fightback and it’s right before the June general election.

The School Cuts website has been updated to reflect what the three main political party pledges will mean for education in England. Simply entering your postcode provides a breakdown of what a Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat government would mean for school funding in your local area. See what your local candidates plan for the education of local children and consider changing your vote accordingly.

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