Big Wigs, Huge Dresses and Bavaria Beer

17 August 2016

Once upon a time in a small Dutch town called Lieshout there lived a family called the Swinkels.  One day in 1719 they made some beer and the family haven’t stopped making it since. It does sound like something out of Hans Christian Anderson tale; perhaps they were enchanted by a thirsty fairy. Whatever the case, Dutch brewer Bavaria is gearing up to celebrate three centuries of brewing.

Although a lot has changed over time one thing perseveres – the brewery is still in the hands of the family.  In fact it is now the seventh generation of Swinkels which runs the global independent company – and there aren’t that many families who can list that as one of their achievements!

In fact the family also brew their beer in the same place using the same mineral water source as they did way back in 1719.  This is something which they feel quite rightly needs to be celebrated.  As such, these videos are their rather tongue in cheek slap on the back to themselves and something to put a smile on the faces of their loyal customers, old and new.

The gist is that although 300 years of brewing excellence is something that should definitely be at the cutting edge of contemporary fashion perhaps some of the clothing styles of the past are best left where they are.

Take a look at these very funny videos and see if you agree!

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