Triple Game Review

2 May 2015

There are plenty of great games on the Internet, but finding the best ones can be difficult. Off course you could always go for the somehow more serious stuff but here are a few quick reviews on some of the most entertaining casual titles:

Daddy Long Legs – In the world of online and mobile gaming, simplicity is the key to addiction. Daddy Long Legs features the type of one-button controls that have made games like Flappy Bird and Canabalt so popular. Much like the former, Daddy Long Legs can be very frustrating to play, as you will inevitably die and restart many, many times. However, the unique graphic style and smooth animation makes this game one of our favorites. Is setting a personal distance record worth the trouble? We think so.

Earn to Die – High-speed adventures are a great way to live life on the edge without, you know, actually risking your life. Earn to Die replaces regular racing with new challenges, like smashing zombies and conserving fuel. In this hybrid thriller, you will transform a regular truck into a corpse-smashing machine. Although the upgrade mechanism and gameplay can be a bit repetitive, the massive amounts of gore and promises of freedom mustn't be ignored.

Snail Bob 2 – You can crawl, bounce, and glide across the forest. But, can you get to Grandpa's birthday party on time? This Snail Bob sequel is where the unique puzzle series really established itself. Moving a snail might not sound exciting, but these games were never about fast-paced action. Snail Bob 2 requires clever ideas and the use of special tools, like the Anti-Ant Machine. Although the graphics and storyline might be tailored towards kids, there are challenges within the 25 levels for all of us.

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