This Video Will Change The Way You Think About Police Brutality In 30 Seconds

2 May 2015

#AsAMotherSpeakOut is the first campaign of its kind to challenge police brutality with a video that inspires us to think about the issue in a new light. It’s not just victims and their families that are affected, everyone now has the responsibility to speak out and question lethal force and investigate racial prejudices.

 The campaign calls for us to stand together and share an urgent message of action with our friends and family and build an online conversation at that our elected officials and police cannot ignore.

In the wake of Walter Scott, Michael Brown and Eric Garner’s tragic killings, the landmark project from the creatives at Shape History hopes to build support for the many people and grassroots organizations in the United States who are working tirelessly to end police brutality, and who need our support to mobilize now more than ever.

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