Björn Borg Launches SS15 Collection with First Person Lover

7 February 2015

Just when you thought there were no new ways to showcase and sell a clothing line, Björn Borg has come up with First Person Lover, a revolutionary online fashion game experience . The SS15 collection from the sports fashion brand has been launched with what many in the gaming industry are hailing as a breakthrough.

It becomes obvious, when you watch the trailer for the game (above) that something very new and very different has been attempted here – and successfully so. Instead of a commercial the gaming experience allows you to take a look at the collection through the online gaming world – a world where the usual aesthetics of the first person shooter has been turned on its head.

You won’t find the usual weapons of mass destruction here – rather the weapons of universal love. In fact you get a love glove with which to overcome your enemies. You can throw holographic petals, kisses or even cast a rainbow made from white leather and pink gold (with a dash of acrylic glass) – quite the departure from the usual arsenals used in first person shooters!

ABove is a somewhat over-excited review by PewDiePie.  The slightly calmer review at Kotaku called First Person Lover one of the most fabulous things I have ever seen. Three million viewers seem to agree, logging in to see the SS15 collection come to love-action-packed life in front of their eyes. An added bonus in this day of having to pay for anything and everything is that the game is 100% free.

The collection itself is very interesting and almost juxtaposed against the mythical islands and lost worlds of the game in is mostly monochrome intertwining of sports and fashion. Inspired by water, coral structures and ancient temples, these themes are found throughout this fascinating collection which as well as apparel features underwear, bags, footwear and eye-wear.

You can play this visually stimulating game here. The Björn Borg SS15 collection is available at select retailers and Björn Borg concept stores.

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