Stand Out with StickOut

7 April 2014

Most people enjoy expressing themselves with personalized items such as smartphone covers, graphic T-shirts, hairstyles, and other fashion statements.  Unless you’re driving a custom sports car, vehicles are pretty much all the same. 

StickOut Car Art is the answer for creative, easy, DIY car personalization.  Unlike car wrapping, there’s no time spent in an auto body shop.  Simply browse through dynamic artwork that’s been sourced from artists worldwide and select the position on the car. 

The unique online interface allows for a preview of the art on the customer’s car make and model.  After ordering, a sleek package arrives with the car art custom-cut and ready for an easy on application.  It’s also pretty fun to apply!  It’s printed on premiere quality laminated vinyl that allows for sliding before its final placement.  Another cool design feature is that it’s built to last, yet easy to remove with no residue or damage done. 

Check out for more info, updates, and how to create a much more exciting ride. 

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