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5 May 2013

We have to put our hands up here! We had a Facebook Page for three years and allowed it to grow organically - with only the link on the side bar to indicate we had one. Over the years the numbers grew - until recently we had over 7,000 likes...

Unfortunately, one of our administrators, without reference to anyone, decided to try and hike the number of likes in a way which Facebook did not like (gettit?) and the page was unpublished. Somewhat naively he thought that Facebook's automated army would perhaps not spot his activities. This all happened within an hour and before any of the other administrators noticed what was going on!

We put in an appeal but the automated appeal process at Facebook (if it was human we failed to see that side of it) has turned us down.  It just goes to show how a little code can get you in to hot water and how, in return, different code will show no mercy!

So, we have to start again... Please, if you have previously liked the page, do so again! Or, if you are new to Kuriositas and are a member of Facebook, please come and join us. If you use the social network then it's a handy way of keeping up to speed with what's going on here through your news feed.

You can use the like button underneath the title of this post to like Kuriositas II (or deux as we like to call it).

The administrator responsible for the page being unpublished is obviously beside himself and deeply regrets using the page as a personal experiment in naughty web skills. Yet no one died and, believe it - a few choice adjective have been thrown in his direction! However, we would like you to think of a suitable but funny punishment for him (which doesn't involve blood or death!) and the one we judge the best will receive a small prize!

Please make your suggestions below!

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