12 November 2012

It seems an appropriate day (this being a Monday) to post up this animation. Tap, tap, tap – tell me you haven’t had a Monday like this. You get to work and you are already bored.

The weekend seems a lifetime ago already and all you can think about is that couch at home, upon which you could be languidly reclining, a glass of something or other in hand. Well, Monday by The Magnificent Itch shows what you can do when daydreaming can become a reality.

Yet, what’s that old saying about the gods and punishment? Directed by Stefan Wernik and Guy Jamieson this animated short may not give any answers to any questions (but that’s not quite what it sets out to do). You may well, however, recognize yourself in its hero. Futility really isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, is it?

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