A Barbaric Tale

4 September 2011

If you are expecting something a little more Conan that you will get from this award winning animated short film then I hope that less turned out to be something moreA Barbaric Tale certainly has many of the elements you might expect from a movie in this genre – a muscle-bound barbarian on a quest, a walking warrior skeleton and an enormous dragon but from this starting point the genre is well and truly subverted.

The object of the quest turns out to be something that you may not have expected, the skeleton is something of a coward and the dragon is more like an excitable puppy that a fire breathing menace.  Plus there is a twist ending which I didn’t see coming at all (but perhaps should have!). 

This is a very cool, very funny animated short by Richard Vaucher. Quite rightly, it won the CG Excellence Award at CGOverdrive in Singapore in 2006.

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