One World Trade Center - Time Lapse Preview

20 March 2011

One World Trade Center is more often than not known as 1 WTC – even more colloquially as the Freedom Tower.  Following the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11 2001 there followed years of debate about what should – phoenix like – rise from its ashes.

So it was that the design you see here, by Daniel Libeskind, was eventually selected.  That is cutting a long story very short but One World Trade Center is due to become the tallest building in the USA once it is completed.  That is estimated to be at some point toward the middle or end of 2013.

While the world waits for its completion, Vimeo member 4B5PR1T20R has created this time-lapse preview of the One World Trade Center.  It has to be said, this building is going to be something remarkable.

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