7 July 2012

Japan – The Land of Vending Machines

Anyone who lives in a town or city is used to the sight of the odd vending machine. As a convenience they have no equal – at least when they work or have not run out of the product they are supposed to sell. Yet where most countries have vending machines for a limited range of goods the Japanese have taken it to extremes. Japan truly is the country of vending machines and some of the items you can get from them might surprise you.

9 December 2011

Doctor Who Bots

We always like to feature unusual items associated with the long running TV science fiction series Doctor Who so when we saw these Doctor Who bots then we knew where they were going to end up! Created by Tony and Jenn a pair of artists collectively known as Bot seem intent on converting anyone (real or fiction) in to their cute robotic counterpart. These bots of the Doctor, Amy and Rory were created for a friend of a customer. However once the customer set her eyes on these creations she (quite rightly) kept them for herself!

You can visit the website of the bots to see the whole of botworld!

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