Here Are Four Things You May Not Know About Japan

20 April 2017

You may have noticed that here at Kuriositas we like to cover a plethora of topics, including but not limited to the goings on in Asia. Well, more specifically the mysterious land that is North Korea and the glorious sub-continent of India. As the cherry blossoms –or sakura – are beginning to bloom, we’re going to take a look at Japan, home of ninjas, noodles and anime. It turns out that there’s some fun stuff happening over there, here are just a few of those:

Japan Loves Playing Pachinko
Source: Life Of Pix
This is probably no surprise, but the Japanese love playing games. They particularly love playing pachinko, a national pastime that resembles a cross between western slot machines and pinball where players are rewarded with tiny silver balls. These extremely loud, clanging balls are usually cashed in for tokens which are in turn swapped for real money. What is extremely surprising about this is that while the Japanese love gambling, casinos have literally only just been legalised throughout Japan. Where the heck have they been playing pachinko? Well, in pachinko halls, it turns out. Huge casino operators from around the world are so excited about this decision that they are quick to apply for a place in the brand new market. According to Michael Kaplan of 888casino, analysts believe that the Japanese gambling market could be worth as much as $40 billion each year once they get the dice rolling.

A Very Phallic Festival
Throughout the first week of April this year, the Japanese city of Kawasaki was celebrating a pretty peculiar part of the human body. The festival is called Kanamara Matsuri, which basically means Festival of the Steel Phallus and actually is based on quite an interesting legend. The story goes that a young woman’s lady parts were cursed by a demon, which inevitably led to her first two husbands being castrated on their respective wedding nights. Eventually, the local blacksmith decided to create a steel phallus to break the curse and the noble smith is celebrated to this day.

Sleeping On the Job Is Encouraged
Source: Pixabay
Plenty of people know about how ingrained the work ethic is within the Japanese culture, but what you may not know is they work so hard sleeping on the job is widely accepted. This is so common that the Japanese have created a term especially for it – inemuri. There are some rules, such as you must remain upright throughout, but those who indulge in inemuri are recognised as truly hard working business people. We have a sneaking suspicion that some employees may fake inemuri to avoid their bosses occasionally, its just human nature.

The Snaggle Tooth is in Style
While the rest of the world are spending large sums of cash on perfecting their smiles, the Japanese youth are spending time, money and effort attempting to get uneven snaggle teeth. The trend is known as yaeba, which means double tooth, and is even more mystifying than the phallic festival if we may say so. There’s even a famous girl group named TYB48 based entirely around the three members having snaggle teeth. This dental procedure can cost anywhere between £130 and £340 depending upon whether the patient wishes to get permanent or temporary uneven teeth.

This Earth is so full of so many different cultures, societies and styles it never ceases to amaze. Stay weird Japan, stay weird.

First Image Source: Pexels

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