Underground Nightlife in Arabic Countries

14 March 2013

In predominantly Islamic countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, there are several restrictions imposed by religion governments alike on people's freedoms. Partying and gambling for example are offensive against Islam and the Arabian governments, and the repercussions of violating these prohibitions are very stringent. Violators may be sentenced up to 10 years in prison or worse, be meted the death penalty. In other parts of the world, partying, gambling and any related activities are very common are allowed, but in these Middle Eastern countries the situation is different. People might think that Arabs or Muslims are boring when it comes to partying and gambling. Some may think that they may need to get out of their Middle Eastern or Arab country in order to indulge in these pastimes. However, times are changing, especially in Dubai wherein there are emerging nightlife as well as an underground party and gambling scene in Arabic countries (not just UAE).

For instance, the Velvet Underground, which is a party place located in the Royal Ascot Hotel was originally intended for the tourist and foreigners in Dubai. This is also a place for Arabs to have fun. This club accepts patrons, regardless of their race. This club is said to be designed for the fashion oriented and style savvy individuals. It gives clients a cool and vibrant vibe. The services in this club are world class; after all, they are created to please people from all over the world who are visiting Dubai.

The Underground Scene
Being strict in their faith, Muslims have no room for LGBT communities and hence, those who are homosexuals find it very hard to be true to their own self. There is a huge risk involved in being an out gay or lesbian person. Huge penalties are in store for those who are caught. It is like these people are living in the darkness and have to very careful of their every action or else, a life sentence or imprisonment will be handed to them. Although there may be underground night clubs catering to the needs of LGBT people in Arabic countries, these are very few and far between and need to operate with utmost care as there are spies from the government roaming every day. For LGBT people, it is very critical to know who they are interacting with and where they are going.

Another thing that Arabs do underground is gambling – both online and on-site. Fortunately, there are several online casino websites catering to the needs of Arab gamblers. It helps them to gamble online without having to be detected by the government and they can interact with fellow gamblers. Through this website, www.casinomumtaz.com, Arabs can play online casino games, wager or place bets on their favorite sporting events all over the world. In other parts of the world, partying and gambling are very out in the public, but not in Arabic countries and most are operated underground. Muslim gamblers must exercise care as they engage and interact with other people for their own sake and safety.

So, the next time you're out on the town, think about people who are forced into a different lifestyle, and never take anything for granted.

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