In August

20 August 2011

This has to be one of the best animated (not so) shorts that I have seen for a long time.  En Agosto (In August) is an amazing apocalyptical vision which spans several generations and time zones. It is no quick fix animation (which we also like and feature here a lot) so before you start to watch this go and make yourself the beverage of choice and then settle in for close to fifteen minutes. 

It is a challenging piece of animation and you will have to focus but its complex story telling is ultimately rewarding.  Plus it has some visually stunning set pieces which will have your jaw hitting the floor.  Enjoy!

In August was made by Dia-Fragma and Fabrica De Peliculas in association with Oruga Animation Studios and was two years in the making. The film was written and directed by Andrés Barrientos and Carlos Andrés Reyes. Produced by Daniel García. Music composed by Sergio A. Trujillo and the band Sinapis.

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